You may contact the author at: pprauthor [then add the at sign] googlemail [DOT] com

Sorry to be so cryptic. I don’t wish to be besieged with spam.  (Dec 10 –  apologies the emails appear not to have got through)

By the way, in response to early 2010 criticism of my apparent anonymity, implying that I was trying to hide behind that, I posted my name on this site for 10 months to Dec 2010. I have now taken it out again, having proved the point. It on every page but one of the 90 page pdf copy of this paper which has been widely circulated on the web. I expected that to be more fully circulated than the URL of this site. 


7 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Graeme Says:

    Hmm!! Strangely, you declared that you would not censor any comments and yet you’ve deleted mine! Any particular reason?

  2. simon jones Says:

    Extraordinary! A hatchet job delivered by an anonymous author. What ever happened to open discussion of issues in the Christian world?

  3. Matthew Webster Says:


    I hav now read through Part I, Part II and Part III. I find it an excellent resoiurce for knowing now why I am so uncomfortable with the (liberal stream) of the Emergent Churhc Movement.

    It has reminded me at length of how Jesus related to the Pharisees of his day because of their twisting and misrepresentation of the Scriptures. It is not a gentle sight.

    We can warn our fellow people who are so deceived at this point in time, but we have to recall Jesus’ own words that even the elect will be deceived. 2 Peter 2 also comes to mind.

    A well put together site, I will forward it to others.

  4. Tim Says:

    Thank you for standing up for truth, absolute truth, biblical truth. Keep it coming.

  5. Tim Says:

    Simon Jones,

    What does it matter if the author is anonymous?

  6. anonymous ha ha Says:

    yes it matters to me who wrote this how do i know i can believe you?

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