The easiest (and my recommended) way of quickly finding out about the Emerging Church is to look at a few YouTube clips on the internet. These are ones that give the best picture of the movement, its key figures, and its leading critics.

Click on the links on the electronic copy of this paper.

1.     An Introduction:

PBS Documentary Report on The Emerging Church(10.45 mins)

Interviews with Brian McLaren, Doug Pagitt, and critic Theologian D.A. Carson. One of the interviewees says “It is hard to define”. That was in 2007. It is not the case now.

Doug Pagitt interview (by Todd Friel)

Essential viewing.  (You will realise why when you see it!)  

In two parts:

Brian McLaren on hell, judgement, and the purpose of Jesus’ coming

Brian McLaren on the real meaning of Jesus coming and salvation  (Interview extract)

“A lot of us think the purpose Jesus came was to try to get us to heaven after we die. I’d like to raise some serious questions about that based on the New Testament. I’d like to suggest Jesus didn’t come here to tell us how to get to heaven after we die, primarily – he came to  talk to us about how the kingdom of heaven can happen here on earth while we are here and when our children and our grandchildren are here”  (McLaren promo DVD) (3.46)

2.    ‘Emergence is a new Reformation – a once in 500 year phenomenon (and it started in Britain)’

Yes, they really do say that…

Phyllis Tickle, leading emergent thinker, and author of The Great Emergence claims this on and on She also claims that ‘this thing is radically Jesus oriented’ but read that in the context of the background shot as she speaks – Doug Pagitt’s Solomon’s Porch Church and then watch Pagitt’s interview with Todd Friel cited in 1.  above.

3.    Mark Driscoll replies

Mark Driscoll on the Emerging Church (7mins)
Driscoll applauds D.A.Carson and Wayne Grudem, makes useful distinctions between the three orthodox streams of the Emergent Church and is critical only of the Liberal Emergents among whom Driscoll specifically names Rob Bell, Brian McLaren, and Doug Pagitt. That stream, he says, is ‘totally off the highway and lost in the woods’.

This is an extract from a longer 60 min talk to his church on:

Mark Driscoll Discusses The Emergent Church at Southern Baptist Seminary (2007) (80mins)

This is an extremely important talk (80mins) and well worth listening to. Driscoll was one of the leaders in the early days and left because of his concerns that it was becoming heterodox


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